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Do you love Mondays? If not, we’d like to provide you with a personalized YouMapTM career profile to help you pinpoint the specific reasons why.

You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, and you shouldn’t build your career without a YouMapTM career profile – a personalized tool for making better career decisions based on your unique strengths, values, skills, and interests.

54% of people say they would quit their job tomorrow, if they could.

Imagine replacing Monday dread with renewed enthusiasm. Thanks to the insights of the YouMapTM ​career profile, our clients no longer have to imagine, and neither will you. We work with adults and students (16 – 22).

1 in 10 people are wired to lead others well (Gallup). Leaders cast a vision, build alignment around it, and champion its execution. Chances are you don’t perform all three equally well. As one of only five independent consultants in the U.S. certified as a Master Trainer in WorkPlace Big Five, I have the leadership coaching tools and experience to help you learn to maximize your strengths and manage your challenges.

Are you seeking to:

★ Get certified as a coach?
★ Find a better career fit?
★ Discover a best fit college major?
★ Nail an interview?
★ Advance your career?
★ Increase your leadership success?
★ Build a collaborative team?

I work with clients virtually or in person. For more information on services and pricing please contact Stephanie Hall, Client Services Manager, at

Contact me directly at