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Welcome! Kristin Sherry and Stephanie Hall help adults and students love Mondays in the following ways:


Are you a student, or parent of a student, who is not clear on your most fulfilling career path? Stephanie can help uncover your four pillars of career fit to help you make informed college and career choices.

Or, are you an adult that’s working for the weekend? Kristin can help you get clear on your four pillars of career satisfaction and the value you bring. Your personalized YouMap® career profile will guide you to make better decisions that lead to a more fulfilling career.


Kristin and Stephanie offer customized career workshops for adults and corporate clients, as well as students in high school or college settings.

For keynotes, interviews, or workshops contact or for students. For more information, please visit the Speaking and Corporate Clients pages of this site.


You can view and purchase Kristin Sherry’s career books from the Buy Books menu of this site.