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Do You Want Increased Career Fulfillment or to Maximize Your Career?

We’re on a mission to help you love Mondays. Why? 52% of people dread going to work and would quit tomorrow if they could. At Virtus Career Consulting, we want to help you replace Monday dread with renewed enthusiasm, and help you maximize your career. Click here ​for student coaching (ages 16 – 22).

We can help with:

  • Career Transition, Career Exploration (Adults and Students, ages 16 – 22)
  • One-time StrengthsFinder debriefs
  • Leadership and Executive Coaching
  • Professional Branded Resume & LinkedIn Profile
  • Interview Preparation
  • Workshops and Team Building
  • Keynotes and Speaking Events
  • Monthly Career Management Sessions
  • Couples Personality Coaching
  • YouMap® Career Discovery Coaching Certification
  • WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Coaching Certification

Kristin has helped hundreds of clients love Mondays again. Here are just a few examples:

  • B.B. was a math teacher and wanted to transition out of education. Kristin helped him identify his key strengths and transferable skills to create a clear brand. He successfully transitioned from teaching to a new business development manager role at a Fortune 200 company.
  • M.O. was told by four recruiters she couldn’t transition from Academia to Corporate America. Five weeks after her initial consult (and subsequent career transition engagement with Kristin) she accepted a position as a corporate trainer and loves her job!
  • K.N. didn’t think his skills could translate to a new profession after 30+ years in law enforcement. His career discovery and transition engagement helped him identify his many transferrable skills and strengths, creating a compelling brand which led to an impressive offer in a new industry.
  • K.D. was a leadership coaching client who wasn’t sure of the next step in her career. Through assessments and coaching, Kristin pin-pointed K.D.’s differentiators and coached her to pitch her strengths and skills to her leadership team. A new role was created for her aligned to her talents due to the influence of her compelling pitch.
  • S.H. was a CEO looking for a new opportunity and lacked clarity for his next step. Through assessments and reflection work, Kristin helped him identify a desirable, viable career target aligned to his strengths and values. He received and accepted an offer for the targeted role!
  • R.H. was a Fortune 500 Marketing Director seeking to develop his team. He hired Kristin to lead a strengths workshop and found the insights so valuable, he decided he wanted Kristin to return to lead a larger initiative across collaboration groups to create a strengths-based culture.

Service and Package Overview

YouMap® Career Discovery/Exploration Package​

Discover your strengths, values, motivating skills, “burn-out” skills, and career interests to pinpoint sources of your career dissatisfaction. We’ll also uncover the most viable paths to reach your greatest career potential.

  • Includes four (4) assessments and three (3) coaching sessions totaling 3.5 hours of coaching.
  • Includes a personalized YouMap – a blueprint of your strengths, values, motivating skills, and career “wiring” – that provides specific guidance on what is right (and wrong) for you, and a proven, simple strategy to evaluate career options and opportunities, leading to increased career fulfillment. You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint. Don’t chart your career without your YouMap!

Professional Branded Resume & LinkedIn Profile

  • Includes a phone consult with our strategic and skilled resume writer.
  • Includes a branded (application tracking system-friendly) resume aligned to your role target.
  • Includes resume edits to reach final version for up to 30 days.
  • Recent grad or 3 years or less professional work experience
  • Resume: Individual contributors with 3+ years’ experience
  • Resume: Non-executive managers with 3+ years’ experience
  • Resume: C-suite, executive-level

    Add LinkedIn profile make-over

    • branded headline, compelling and targeted summary, additional profile section recommendations

Interview Preparation Package

Did you know the top reason candidates are not selected for a role is failure to differentiate themselves from other candidates? Kristin’s interview preparation process solves this problem – her clients receive job offers.

Kristin’s targeted interview preparation includes:

  • A 90-minute interview coaching session.
  • Interview preparation worksheets and resources such as a mapping worksheet to align your strengths, experiences, and skills to a role, a prepare and perform tip sheet, interview questions with guidance on best-practice answers, STAR story worksheet, questions to ask, and more.
  • Note: additional 90-minute interview practice sessions can be added to the package.

Leadership & Executive Coaching Packages (individually customized)

Kristin has a reputation as an innovator and strategist, and is certified in leadership competency development. Our leadership and executive coaching packages were designed to meet the complex needs of today’s leaders, while offering clients the opportunity to build a customized program.

Phase A: Self-Discovery

  • Kristin is experienced with coaching leaders on career success factors and career stallers. Through carefully selected assessments, this foundational phase deepens your self-awareness (which is the #1 predictor of success at the executive level) and lays the groundwork for your development plan and shaping your brand. Demonstration of a clear brand is the #1 reason executives are selected for a role.

Phase B: Build Targeted Development Plan

We’ll focus on what is right with you. This is not a “fix your weaknesses” program. The primary goal is to maximize your strengths while learning to manage your challenges.

  • Includes an additional assessment and three (3) sessions to finalize your development plan.
  • Includes an optional (but recommended) 360 feedback process which includes assessment, administration, report, and two-hour debrief.

Phase C: Monthly Coaching Support

60-minute coaching sessions to provide support of development and discuss what’s going well, what could be improved, and set goals using a plus/delta tool.

  • Includes resources and tools provided to support various leadership and personal development situations encountered such as interpersonal conflict, communication, team building, trust, et cetera.

Individual Coaching Sessions = $150/session (Executives: $250/session)

60-minute sessions keep an experienced coach in your pocket. Kristin can help you work through challenges and devise strategies to manage career, interpersonal, and leadership goals and concerns. She also provides a variety of valuable take-away resources and materials to reinforce the discussion.

Ple​ase contact us for a free 30 minute consultation and pricing information.​​​


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